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Time Brazil wins six golds on the last day of the 2019 South American Beach Games

73/5000 Titles this Saturday, 23, came in the sneakers of beach, beach soccer and in SUP

Time Brazil wins six golds on the last day of the 2019 South American Beach Games

Brazil closed the 2019 Praia Rosário South American Games with a golden key. This Saturday, 23, were six gold medals, plus four silver and two bronzes.

The titles came in the women's singles, women's doubles, men's and mixed beach tennis, beach soccer and Stand-Up Paddle. The candle also rose to the podium four times. On the last day of the competition in Argentina, Team Brazil totaled 12 medals, being six gold, four silver and two bronzes, finishing the competition with a total of 25.

Time Brasil was represented by 62 athletes in the competition, 37 men and 25 women, in nine modalities: beach soccer, water skiing, beach handball, aquatic marathon, surfing (stand-up paddle), beach tennis, triathlon, sailing and beach volleyball. At the Closing Ceremony, Lena Ribeiro will be the flag bearer.

And it was up to the experienced athlete, 38, to score the first gold of the day in the long distance race, SUP. The athlete ran 17km in two hours and forty-five seconds. In the male, Vinicius got the silver.

"I came to Rosario very optimistic, I wanted to win two gold medals, I already knew some athletes. Only sport is unpredictable, it has favoritism, but it does not mean that it will confirm itself or that it will be easy. But I managed to do good tests, did what I trained and won two gold medals. It makes me very happy and more excited to train for the Pan-American Games that will have other very strong athletes. Representing Brazil is a huge emotion. Hearing your hymn in another country, he's playing for you, he pays for all the pain to train, all the renunciations we make, reward everything, "said Lena, who had already won the technical test.

In soccer, Brazil did not feel the pressure of facing homeowners in a crowded arena and thrashed Argentina 8-1 in the decision, winning gold for the fourth time in four editions of the South American Beach Games. The goals were Felipe (2x), Datinha (2x), Anthonio, Thanger, Rodrigo and Nelito. The campaign to the final counted with victories over Uruguay by 5 to 4 in the first game, Chile by 10 to 4 in the quarterfinals and Colombia by 7 to 4 in the semifinal.

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