The Brazilian Olympic Committee supports the #VENCENDOJUNTOS campaign

The project that has the support of big names in sports and companies seeks to raise R$ 10 million in donations of basic food baskets to serve 33 thousand families for 3 months

The Brazilian Olympic Committee supports the #VENCENDOJUNTOS campaign

Sports continue mobilizing to make a difference during the quarantine. The Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) also supports the #VENCENDOJUNTOS (#WinningTogether) campaign, which is uniting Sports in a solidarity movement. The project seeks to raise R$ 10 million in donations of basic food baskets for 33 thousand families for 3 months. So far, 10% of the total has been raised.

“This is a movement of the Brazilian Sports and, of course, BOC could not be left out. We understand that Sports is an engine capable of joining forces to contribute to those who need it most at this time”, said Paulo Wanderley, adding that the BOC will be donating basic food baskets to the families of the children who study in the schools assisted by the Transform project.

Among the campaign's ambassadors are big names in Olympic Sports such as Bernardinho, Daiane dos Santos, Flávio Canto, Gabriel Medina, Gustavo Kuerten, Hortência, Lars Grael and stars like Diego Ribas and Rodrigo Nogueira (Minotauro).

“The #WinnngTogether project has Sports in its DNA. BOC's strength along with athletes and institutions and Time Brasil (Brazil Team) on social media has the potential to bring many names into the campaign. It is a very important partnership at this time”, said the ex-judoka and campaign ambassador Flávio Canto

To reach the 33 thousand families that will be assisted, the project partnered with Sports Network for Social Change (Rede Esporte pela Mudança Social/REMS) and had the support of UNESCO to map communities facing social vulnerability across the country. The families will receive food vouchers with a monthly charge of R$ 100 for three months.

How to donate

You don't have to be an athlete to join the campaign. To make your donation just go to the portal and make the contribution by credit card, bank slip or bank transfer. It is possible to donate spontaneously - choosing the amount - or contributing with fractions of a basic food basket. A donation of R$ 50, for example, is equivalent to half a basket.

Check below the list of the first institutions supported by "Winning Together":

Flávio Canto: Reaction Institute

• Guga Kuerten: Guga Kuerten Institute and other NGOs supported in SC

• Gabriel Medina: Gabriel Medina Institute

Lars Grael: Grael Project

Daiane dos Santos: Brasileirinhos (Little Brazilians)

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