The Brazilian Olympic Committee establishes a Women in Sport Commission

The first meeting was held this Monday, the 16th, at the BOC headquarters

The Brazilian Olympic Committee establishes a Women in Sport Commission
Comissão Mulher no Esporte fez primeira reunião nesta segunda-feira. Foto: Rafael Bello

Aware of its transforming role within the sports field, the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) officially established the Women in Sport Commission. The initiative aims to foster women's participation and act on behalf of gender equality, besides aiding the establishment of policies that provide for the promotion and qualification of women in sports. The first meeting with the group was held this Monday, the 16th, at the entity's headquarters. 

"The Women in Sport Commission was created so that, interdisciplinarily, people with diverse views could contribute with suggestions and information related to the Olympic Movement, under the perspective of women in sports. The BOC understands the importance of the field and, hence, seeks the balance of representativeness in the sporting environment between men and women", highlighted the BOC chair, Paulo Wanderley.

In the first meeting, a panorama of the field of Women in Sport of the BOC was presented, led by Olympic medalist Isabel Swan, along with the research carried out and actions predicted for this year. There was also the participation of UN Women consultant Bárbara Pires, who spoke about equity and inclusion policies through a study conducted with the International Federations and National Confederations. The BOC Director of Sports Development, Kenji Saito, opened the meeting. 

"The idea of this commission is to increase opportunities for women, yet always attempting to understand how the sporting result may come tied to this development and the presence of women, which is so important in the sporting scenario", stated Kenji Santo. 

"This initiative seeks to integrate diverse areas of activity of the BOC, contributing to the development of projects in favor of equity in both the management and technical areas. It will be an advisory commission that will offer suggestions, recommendations, and relevant information to encourage the presence of women in sport", said Isabel Swan, the coordinator of the Women in Sport area of the BOC.

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