The Brazilian Committee stands out on the world podium in digital outreach

IBOPE Repucom launches the Olympic Committees Digital Ranking of the 30 countries with the best performance in the recent Summer Games editions' overall medal table

The Brazilian Committee stands out on the world podium in digital outreach

With the arrival of 2021, the world will start to follow the preparations for the XXXII Olympic Games in Tokyo and, throughout the year, the expectation of all continents for a historic edition will increase more and more. In this context, IBOPE Repucom presents the National Olympic Committees Digital Ranking. The survey brings the digital reach of the 30 countries with the highest accumulation of medals in Summer Olympic Games in the last 5 editions (2000-2016).

In absolute figures, the 30 entities with the most medals in the last five editions of the Summer Olympic Games together have 22.7 million subscribers on the 5 digital platforms analyzed (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok). Facebook concentrates the highest volume, with 56% share of the total accumulated signups, followed by Twitter (23%), Instagram (12%), TikTok (7%), and YouTube (2%).

The United States leads the ranking representing 38% share in the total volume of followers. The 8.5 million subscribers are almost three times the total number of followers on the COB (Brazilian Olympic Committee) accounts, second in the global ranking. The U.S. leads on all digital platforms, most notably its TikTok profile, whose volume of followers exceeds the Olympic Games' own profile. "Team USA" is also the leader in the number of medals in the cut-out, with 149 more medals than China.