The BOC leads the world ranking of social network engagement of National Olympic Committees

Team Brazil has been on the top of the ANOC list, which encompasses 206 countries, for two months

The BOC leads the world ranking of social network engagement of National Olympic Committees

If social networks serve as a good thermometer, the Brazilian athletes who will be at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be able to count on fervent supporters. This is because, according to the ranking assembled by the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), which encompasses 206 countries, the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) was the entity with the most considerable engagement on its digital platforms in May and April. The last time Brazil topped the list for two consecutive months was during the Tokyo Games, from July to August 2021.

Among all active profiles, it was on Facebook that the BOC recorded the most expressive growth, with 281,200 engagements and 3 million video views, jumping from the 46th place in January 2022 to the 1st place in May. Other considerable growth rates occurred on YouTube, jumping from the 28th to the 1st place, and TikTok, moving from 8th place to the leadership. On the other networks, the BOC remained at the top on Twitter and reached 2nd place on Instagram, behind only the Check Republic.

"These numbers are the result of a joint effort we have been making in the sense of strngthening our communication channels. Brazilians are passionate about sports, and we know that, currently, social networks have become the favorite space for fans to obtain information and chat about the most diverse competitions. For this reason, we are perfecting the Team Brazil profiles more and more", highlighted Rogério Sampaio, the director-general of the BOC.

According to the manager, if the growth rates remain high, the tendency is for Brazilian athletes to have strong, numerous, and engaged supporters in Paris 2024.

"I really believe that this proximity of the BOC to its audience may strengthen ties, creating more affinity of the supporters with various sporting modalities and with the athletes that dispute each one of them. All this helps establish an idea of community, expanding the fan base that will be cheering for our delegation in the next edition of the Games", he projected.

Team Brazil currently has 2.2 million followers on Facebook, 1 million on TikTok, 851 thousand on Instagram, 564 thousand on Twitter, and 15.6 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

BOC engagement on social networks:

Facebook January 2022: 46th place (5,500 engagements / 8,900 video views)

May 2022 1st place (281,200 engagements / 3,000,000 video views)


January 2022: 28th place (365 video views / no new subscribers to the channel)

May 2022: 1st place (92,700 video views / 1,000 new subscribers to the channel)


January 2022: 8th place (19,200 engagements / 457,000 video views)

May 2022: 2nd place (80,600 engagements / 1,200,000 video views)

*The first time in the history of the ranking that the BOC exceeds 1 million monthly views on TikTok


January 2022: 6th place (172,100 engagements / 240,000 video views)

May 2022: 2nd place (222,200 engagements / 439,900 video views)


January 2022: 1st place (186,500 engagements)

May 2022: 1st place (112,500 engagements)

Top 3 – Total engagement of the National Olympic Committees


1st – Brazil: 690,800

2nd – Italy: 314,000

3rd – Japan: 304,800

May 1st – Brazil: 699,800

2nd – Check Republic: 486,000

3rd – Philippines: 270,400

Source: ANOC

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