The BOC hands the equipment of the Tokyo gold medal to Rebeca Andrade

Entity enables the operation and gifts Rebeca Andrade the historic Olympic Games vaulting table

It was supposed to be just another typical day of training for Rebeca Andrade. But Wednesday the 16th would reserve a great surprise for the Olympic champion. Thanks to an action by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) that enabled the entire operation, the gymnast received a special gift: the vaulting table used to win the gold medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The delivery took place at the BOC Training Center in Rio de Janeiro.     

"We were sought during the Tokyo Olympic Games by the event material supplier about the possibility of donating the vaulting equipment to Rebeca. This idea drew our attention and proved quite interesting as a way to honor the modality and the Olympic champion athlete. From there, we immediately took care of all the procedures and mobilized to transport, regularize the entry of this equipment in the country, and promote an action of celebration upon delivery. The apparatus was stored in our Training Center for the day of the surprise", commented the BOC president, Paulo Wanderley.   

And what a surprise! Upon entering the BOC Artistic Gymnastics Training Center beside her coach, Francisco Porath, Rebeca was surprised to see a large box in the middle of the floor. Upon opening and verifying that the content was her golden apparatus, she no longer held her smile.   

"When I saw the gift, I was very happy because I recalled everything I felt over there in Tokyo. I also felt that people really understood the importance of this to me, to my trainer, and to everyone who helped me achieve my greatest dream. It is very touching. I feel very proud of everything I did, everything I had to go through to be here today, experiencing another special moment", Rebeca cheered, and she had no doubt in indicating where the apparatus will be.   

"This beautiful and wonderful gift that I received from the BOC will be placed here at our training center. This is a very important vaulting table, with so much meaning. I think the girls will love to be able to vault on the same table that several other athletes who they also admire have vaulted. It is very good to know that I will continue encouraging and strengthening others and that the next generation will feel proud to have touched the same vaulting table and train in the same gymnasium as I. This is very important. And for me to vault again on this table that made me an Olympic champion!", celebrated the gymnast who, besides the gold in vaulting, won the silver medal in the individual all-around at the Tokyo Olympic Games.   

The BOC Director of Sports, Jorge Bichara, highlighted the symbolism of the action. "This delivery has a very positive symbolism of sport valorization. A medal won by a Brazilian athlete is not restricted to just that person. It is a medal of an entire generation of athletes who built that path. And Rebeca synthesized this path. The coming of this equipment to Brazil and having a delivery ceremony symbolizes the valorization of the BOC and brings to us the feeling of satisfaction, of closing a cycle and already preparing for the next", stated Bichara.   

The coming of the vaulting table of the Tokyo Games to Brazil also symbolizes a return home, since the current model of the apparatus was designed by Brazilian Sigfried Fisher in 1993 and used for the first time in the 2016 Olympic Games. Not by chance, the apparatus was named "Rio".    

"The issue goes to the side of the symbolism that the Brazilian athlete can. If the athlete works hard, if they have good conditions to prepare, if they have support as these had, they can achieve the goals in their sports careers. This apparatus means this high level, this quality, and brings the emotion of the duty fulfilled", complemented Bichara, who also stressed the quality of the BOC training center, which decisively collaborated to the winning of five Olympic medals by Brazilian gymnastics (three in Rio 2016 and two in Tokyo 2020). 

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