Concentrated for training in the interior of São Paulo, Brazilian judokas have lecture on doping

Vinícius Loyola, COB's Education and Doping Prevention area, presented the organization's program for men's athletes

Concentrated for training in the interior of São Paulo, Brazilian judokas have lecture on doping
The Olympic Committee of Brazil held this Wednesday, the 3rd, in Pindamonhangaba / SP, Doping Prevention and Education activity with athletes from the main team of Brazilian judo. The event is part of the joint program developed with CBJ, aimed at preparing athletes for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Athletes and coaching staff were present, including Olympic medalists and world champions. “Talking about doping to an elite sport group is a big challenge. They are experienced athletes, who have lived in various situations and have good knowledge about the fight against doping, but there is always something to convey, questions to clarify and experiences to share. It's like the sparkle of the medal. To be maintained, we must always polish, "reported Vinícius Loyola, COB's Doping Prevention and Education supervisor.

This was the fourth day of concentration of the men's judo team in Pindamonhangaba, São Paulo. The entire coaching staff and top team athletes attended the presentation which, among other things, covered what is considered doping, what is prohibited (methods and substances), the Wada World Anti-Doping Code rules and the stages of drug control. doping out and in competition.

"The COB is translating the list of prohibited substances and methods to facilitate access for Brazilian athletes. In addition, we will soon launch an application with this information," said Loyola.

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This is the third time in the year that CBJ has been promoting direct action on doping with national judokas. In January, about 200 grassroots (U18 and U21) judokas attending CBJ field training in Pindamonhangaba received the same doping guidance in lecture with the COB Doping Prevention and Education manager, Christian Trajano.

In February, the women's team had a lecture with a legal approach on doping punishments in sport given by doping lawyer Marcelo Franklin.

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