COB delivers 5,000 masks to schools from the Transforma program

Solidarity action was made possible thanks to a donation from the China Olympic Committee

COB delivers 5,000 masks to schools from the Transforma program
Rafael Bello/ COB

The Brazilian Olympic Committee of (COB) delivered 5,000 masks to municipal schools participating in the Transforma, the organization's Olympic Values promotion program, on Thursday, the 5th. The solidarity action was made possible by a donation from the China Olympic Committee, which sent masks to Brazil two weeks ago to support the fight against coronavirus in the country. The five educational institutions in the city of Rio de Janeiro that work with Transforma's methodology benefited from 1,000 masks each. 

Deputy Director of the Municipal School Emma D'Avila de Camillis, Carlos de Oliveira, was at COB’s head office and received the donation from the president of the entity, Paulo Wanderley. The Director of Communication and Marketing of COB, Manoela Penna, and Manager of Culture and Olympic Values, Carolina Araújo, also honored the delivery,

"It is a great joy to provide to our Transforma partners better security and prevention conditions against Covid. This donation reflects the spirit of collaboration preached by the philosophy of Olympism. More than ever we need to be close and united," said COB President Paulo Wanderley.  "COB believes in the power of transformation of this this work performed in network with the school community," the president added. 

In May, the COB distributed cloth masks and basic food baskets to Transforma educational institutions to pass on to the students' families. "For two years we have been partners through Transforma and our students have a very strong connection with COB. Since the initial actions of this year, with the donation of food and safety equipment, they feel very dear. And at this time of reopening of schools, it is essential to have all the protection. This donation comes at a very good time to help students and guardians move safely through the spaces. We have been working for a long time on Olympic Values at school and we see in this act the materialization of solidarity and friendship that the COB has always had with our school and with our community," commented the deputy director of the Municipal School Emma D'Avila de Camillis. 

The result of a partnership between the COB and the Municipal Department of Education of Rio de Janeiro, Transforma brings to schools the Olympic theme in all disciplines. Thus, the program to promote Olympic Values provides the development of socio-emotional skills, such as friendship, respect and excellence, to students from the first to the fifth year of elementary school.

"The COB fulfills its role of disseminating Olympic Values in society and at this challenging time attitudes like this are even more important. Sport brings with it positive examples for society and one of them is solidarity. It is with great happiness that we do our part to help protect the health and well-being of our community", said the Director of Communication and Marketing of COB, Manoela Penna. 

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