COB defines Match Hospitality as official reseller of Tokyo 2020 tickets for Brazilians

Swiss Multinational will also be Authorized Ticket Reseller (ATR) of Russia

COB defines Match Hospitality as official reseller of Tokyo 2020 tickets for Brazilians

The Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) has announced the Swiss Match Hospitality AG as the official ticket reseller for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Brazil. One of the world's largest ticketing and hospitality companies, Match has met the COB selection criteria as well as the requirements of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo Organizing Committee 2020 (TOGOC). The only company authorized by FIFA to offer globally exclusive hospitality packages with tickets to their World Cup matches, Match definitely enters the Olympic and double-represented movement: the multinational will be the Authorized Ticket Reseller (ATR) of Brazil and Russia in the Games of 2020.

"We are sure to have made the right choice for the Brazilian public. During the selection process, we had the privilege of receiving very complete proposals and meeting extremely experienced and professional companies. Match Hospitality has excelled in all our selection requirements and we are sure that the company's arrival in the Olympic movement will be an important milestone for everyone. We will work in cooperation to offer the best services and possibilities of tickets for resident fans in Brazil, "commented COB President Paulo Wanderley Teixeira.

The competition began in October 2018. The COB invited five of the most experienced players in the Brazilian hospitality and ticket market to compete: ACV Air, Cartan, Match Hospitality, JTB / Quickly Travel and ATPI / Copastur proposals and qualifications. The companies were evaluated regarding the operating structure; to the relationship and knowledge of the Brazilian market; history in major sporting events; operating potential in Japan; business plan; activation and sales promotion; and financial proposal for the right to be ATR. 

Pre-approved by the COB, Match Hospitality completed the Ticket Sales Agreement (TSA) and the code of conduct to submit to the IOC and TOGOC. The evaluation and validation process carried out by the two entities took from November 2018 to March 2019 and was based on the requested documentation (insurance, financial guarantees, among others), the answers to the business plan, the technical credentials of the agency and the commitment to comply with TSA rules and restrictions and its code of conduct. 

"We are extremely proud that our company has been nominated as the Official Ticket Agency by the Brazilian Olympic Committee for ticket sales programs for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. This partnership with COB represents one of the most significant and important events in the history of our company, "says Jaime Byrom, executive chairman of Match Hospitality. 

The estimate is that 11 million tickets - roughly the same number available at the London 2012 Games - go on sale for the Japanese. Brazil initially requested about 25 thousand tickets. Match Hospitality has developed the website   where interested parties can now sign up to receive up-to-date information on tickets, transportation, lodging and packages for the Tokyo Games 2020. The sale to residents in Japan already started with the registration in own portal to participate in the draw. Outside Japan, sales are expected to be open from the second half of July, to be confirmed by TOGOC.

"Planning is key to a good Olympic experience. We want our fans to have the chance to choose how they want to live the Tokyo Games, offering them options of all levels of service and installment payment facilities. We are working closely with Match Hospitality on these services, "says COB communications and marketing director Manoela Penna.

According to TOGOC, the most expensive tickets will be for the opening and closing ceremonies, ranging from Y 12,000.00 yen (about R $ 420.12, today's exchange, 04/18, Central Bank) to Y 300,000, 00 yen (R $ 10,503.00). In relation to the competitions, the tickets range from Y 2,500.00 yen (R $ 87.52) to Y 130.000,00 (R $ 4,551.30). The promise of the Organizing Committee is that more than half of the cargo of tickets offered for sale is in the order of Y 8,000.00 yen (R $ 280.08). More information here: Match Hospitality will operate with full transparency within the rules set by TOGOC, which sets a markup of up to 20% on the face price of tickets, excluding taxes and fees that vary with each country.

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