COB carries out Doping Prevention and Education action with the Brazilian sport climbing team

Meeting held in Curitiba (PR) brought together the main names of the sport in the country

COB carries out Doping Prevention and Education action with the Brazilian sport climbing team

Understand the functioning of the Anti-Doping system, know the list of prohibited substances and know the risks of using dietary supplements. These were just some of the topics covered in a lecture given by Dr. Christian Trajano, manager of the COB's Doping Prevention and Education area, to the Brazilian Sport Climbing Team, this Thursday, 10th, in Curitiba (PR).

“We brought together young athletes and renowned names from the Brazilian sport climbing team and we had an unprecedented opportunity to present them with various subjects related to Anti-Doping education. The new generation, for example, never had contact with doping control, their responsibilities and rights during the test”, explains Trajano.

One of the main proposals of the activity was to illustrate the theme with real situations, so that each athlete was aware of the consequences in case of an adverse result after performing a test.

“The athlete must be aware that he is solely responsible for any substance that enters his body, even if unintentionally. The inadvertent consumption of a prohibited substance can result in disastrous consequences for your career”, warned Trajano.

The COB's Doping Prevention and Education area's mission is to organize instructional actions that help combat the use of prohibited substances, in line with the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Brazilian Doping Control Authority (ABCD in Portuguese), entities responsible for coordinating Anti-Doping operations in the country.

The action was highly praised by the Brazilian Association of Sport Climbing (ABEE in Portuguese). "This lecture was very important. It's nice that the COB is developing this area of doping prevention a lot. We always value education. The climbing selection has been changing and today we have a very young profile. So, these prevention actions are very important. a sport recently included in the Olympic Program, so we went from an amateur to a professional sport. This brings several new attributes and one of them, of paramount importance, is Anti-Doping. Certainly, this COB lecture is a very big milestone for us in this matter. Prevention and education are the best ways to make the sport clean, even more so for a sport recently introduced in the middle. We have this awareness of bringing together with the COB fair play at all times", said the coordinator of sports development at ABEE, Anderson Gouveia.

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