BOC Management, Ethics, and Transparency Program is a highlight in an international master's program promoted by the IOC

The manager of the MET Program, Paula Neri, received a diploma from the International Executive Master in Sport Organizations Management from the hands of chairperson Paulo Wanderley

BOC Management, Ethics, and Transparency Program is a highlight in an international master's program promoted by the IOC
Paula Neri, Gestora do Programa GET, e Paulo Wanderley, Presidente do COB. Foto: Daniel Varsano/COB

Launched in August 2017, aiming to help the Brazilian Olympic Confederations support and improve governance, the BOC Management, Ethics, and Transparency Program achieved international prominence. This was because the manager Paula Neri participated in the 2019-2020 edition of the Master Exécutif en Management des Organisations Sportives (MEMOS) and presented the thesis about the MET Program. This Tuesday, 14, the chair of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC), Paulo Wanderley Teixeira, delivered the diploma of completion of the master's program promoted by the IOC.

"It is always very important for our collaborators to participate in qualification programs that promote immersion in the international sporting scenario. The MEMOS is not only an educational and cultural experience but also a life experience. I congratulate Paula Neri for completing the master's program and for seeking to aggregate more knowledge to our entity", said the chair of the BOC, Paulo Wanderley.

The MEMOS is a global program exclusive for people who occupy executive-level positions in Sports Organizations. Its programming includes theoretical-practical activities, dynamics, group discussions, and the production of papers and projects. Paula Neri had the opportunity to participate in two in-person modules: the first in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the second in Sydney, Australia. The other two models took place online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"I experienced this opportunity intensely. I spent over two years immersed in the master's program, and the greatest challenge was conciliating the studies amid the pandemic. In this period, I was able to learn of all other similar initiatives developed in sport in countries of the whole world. From this knowledge, I brought the best practices to implement in the MET Program, such as in the 2021 revision, in which we included the theme Education and Doping Prevention, such a significant guideline for the IOC. Hence, we will continue implementing other recommendations received in the master's program to aggrandize the Program", Paula stated. 

Moreover, the specialization offered by the IOC aims to increase the maturity level of the management of its affiliates with fundamental themes in governance, finance, HR, marketing, strategic planning, and event organization. In this sense, the thesis presented by Paula Neri about the MET Program was considered a case of success, which the IOC has even been sharing with the participants from various countries in the current edition of the MEMOS. 

"This was a program we put into practice right at the beginning of the management of chairperson Paulo Wanderley. The MET Program brings a very important aspect to the Olympic Movement that makes all the difference in collective thinking. Having it as an example for other countries demonstrates that, by keeping evolving and continuously improving, we are on the right path to contribute to the management and transparency of the country's sporting entities", concluded the BOC Administrative Director, Ricardo Mathias.

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