BOC announces record awards for medalists at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

BOC President Paulo Wanderley Teixeira announced the action to classified athletes this Wednesday, 23rd, during the Olympic Meeting, which virtually brought together the Team Brazil delegation

BOC announces record awards for medalists at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Team Brazil athletes will have an extra incentive in their Olympic podium pursuit. The Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) has defined it will make a record award to all medalists in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The entity's president, Paulo Wanderley Teixeira, made the announcement directly to the classified athletes, on Wednesday 23rd, during the Olympic Meeting, which virtually gathered the delegation representing the country in the competition.

"I want to announce, first hand, the decision of the Brazilian Olympic Committee's board to honor and recognize the work of you athletes, the Olympic Movement's main characters. BOC recognizes the effort, commitment, and discipline put into practice to win an Olympic medal with this action. This award comes from BOC's private resources, and it is based on one of our pillars: meritocracy. I wish you all an excellent performance and keep in mind, first of all, your health", said Paulo Wanderley in a message to the athletes. 

The BOC president detailed the amounts each medalist will receive.  Olympic champions in individual modalities will be awarded R$ 250,000. The reward for the silver medal will be R$150,000 and the bronze R$100,000. Teams with up to six athletes will have the following amounts to be divided: R$500,000 (gold), R$300,000 (silver), and R$200,000 (bronze). The athletes in team sports will receive R$750,000 (gold), R$450,000 (silver), and R$300,000 (bronze), also to be divided. 

The awards will be presented to the athletes during 2021 at the Brazil Olympic Awards or another event designated by BOC. Athletes with medals in more than one competition accumulate awards, receiving them for each achievement. The incentive is also valid for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. 

"The award to the athletes was only possible due to the austerity policy implemented by BOC, with cost containment and the entity's financial restructuring, which were fundamental for us to put into practice this fair action in favor of our future Olympic heroes", observed BOC's general director Rogério Sampaio, judo Olympic champion in Barcelona 1992.

The Olympic Meeting has virtually gathered the Brazilian delegation to engage the qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and promote an exchange of information and important updates that guide Team Brazil's operations in Japan. 

"We are 30 days away from the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, and at this moment, Team Brazil has 272 confirmed seats. But, there is still room for the delegation to increase. This number should surpass the participation record of Brazilian athletes in an edition of the Games outside the country. We are in the final phase of our operational planning, making the last adjustments regarding the security protocols for sending the athletes to Japan. The perspective is that Brazil should have a good representation in this Olympic Games edition, even with all the challenges we are facing. Over the past few years, the performance of Brazilian athletes in international competitions has been of relevance. And, in this final phase, we work to offer conditions so that we can focus on the details, which makes a difference at this moment. The athletes must be sure they have done their best. We have great confidence in this good representation", emphasized BOC sports director Jorge Bichara.

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