Brazilian Confederation of Shooting Sports

This sport came to Brazil through German immigration in the nineteenth century. On March 10, 1899, in the city of Rio Grande - RS, the National Shot was created, an entity that would join the Shooting Societies. With Decree number 1503, of September 5, 1906, the Confederation of Brazilian Shooting was created. In 1907, eight nations formed the International Shooting Union (ITU). On May 15, 1914, at Rua Fonte da Saudade in Lagoa Rodrigues de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, the Club Revolver was created. In 1924, Brazil joined the ITU. On November 28, 1947, in the auditorium of the Brazilian Press Association (ABI), in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Confederation of Target Shooting (CBTA) was created, with its first president Dr. Afranio da Costa. In the 90's it was called the Brazilian Shooting Confederation. In 1998 in Barcelona, ??on the occasion of the 47th World Championships, the ITU following a worldwide trend of sports worship was renamed the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). On December 1, 1999, CBT was renamed the Brazilian Shooting Confederation, CBTE.

On April 30, 2000 was inaugurated the own headquarters that is located at Rua Miguel Couto, 105 / sala 922 - Centro - Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

Rua Miguel Couto, 105, Sala 920, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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