The role of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) as per World Anti-Doping Code is to provide guidance and education to athletes to prevent doping in sports. In this sense, the entity implemented the Anti-Doping Prevention and Education area, led by the manager Christian Trajano, physician and former technical director of the Brazilian Authority on Doping Control (ABCD). With the development and implementation of the Anti-Doping Prevention and Education Program in the Brazilian Olympic sport, the COB supports the actions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and ABCD.

Among the purposes of the area is the integration of Anti-Doping Prevention and Education actions to Brazilian Coaches Academy, a branch of the Brazilian Olympic Institute, the education arm of the COB, as well as Transforma, a program to promote the Olympic Values to the youth. The protection of the Olympic spirit is the driving force behind this initiative of the COB and is aligned with the values of the entity: meritocracy, transparency, and austerity.

The department plans the development of an application for mobile learning, integrated to an e-learning platform, in addition to face-to-face actions at the Time Brasil Training Center, Maria Lenk Water Park, which includes lectures and educational seminars for members of Team Brazil.

In Brazil, the entity that coordinate doping control tests that conduct the results management of an adverse analytical finding, and forward to the Anti-Doping Court is ABCD. The COB carries out a warning to our Olympic athletes about the dangers of using prohibited substances. With increasing concern over this issue in recent years, the Brazilian Olympic Committee has sought to develop mechanisms to enhance athletes' knowledge.

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TUE Wizard

You need a Therapeutic Use Authorization (TUE)?

Do you need a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)?

It's the athlete's responsibility to know and understand the TUE process and requirements that apply to them. 

These requirements depend on the athlete's medication, sport, and level of competition.

Use our TUE wizard to find out if, when, and how to apply for a TUE.

This Virtual Assistant is a Brazilian version, developed by COB, of the UKAD's TUE Wizard.


The Therapeutic Use Exemption Wizard (‘the Wizard’) is a tool designed to guide individuals through the requirements for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (‘TUE’) and is subject to the COB's Cookie Policy. However, please note the Wizard is merely a guide to assist athletes and it remains each athlete’s individual responsibility to actively check and verify their TUE requirements regularly. COB cannot be held liable for errors in results including, but not limited to, those occurring due to the input of incorrect information into the Wizard or for the misinterpretation of the results provided by the Wizard. 

COB cannot be held liable for the information obtained by checking medicines regarding prohibited substances within the Prohibited List on third-party websites, even if they are suggested as a research source by the Assistant.

The results provided by the Wizard will reflect changes to the relevant rules and guidance, including the World Anti-Doping (WAD) Code Prohibited List, the WAD Code International Standard for TUEs, and the Brazilian Law, as are in force from time to time.

Through using the Wizard, athletes are not automatically granted a TUE, and completion of the Wizard does not constitute submission of a TUE application. It remains the responsibility of the athlete to ensure that they complete the TUE application process specific to their sport, competition level, and medical treatment. Further, the results provided by the Wizard may not continue to be accurate in the event of the athlete changing sport, the athlete changing competition level, the athlete changing medical treatment, or annual changes to the Prohibited List (each event being a ‘Verification Event’). Athletes must verify their TUE requirements on the occurrence of a Verification Event to ensure that they have the correct information. With this in mind, athletes should keep a copy of Wizard search results to demonstrate the checks they have made and when they last made them.

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For more information or for specific queries relating to TUE requirements, including if you have doubts about the result provided by the Wizard, please contact COB at:, or ABCD at

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