COB and C&A unveil the uniforms to be worn by Time Brasil at Rio 2016 athletes’ parade

Renowned fashion designer Lenny Niemeyer created the outfits athletes will be using at Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/COB
07/06/2016 03:14 PM

On Wednesday, July 6, the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) and C&A, the largest Brazilian clothing retail chain, presented the official uniforms that Time Brazil will be wearing at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, in August.   
The uniform unveiling event was attended by Brazilian Olympic Committee president Carlos Arthur Nuzman; C&A CEO Paulo Correa; Lenny Niemeyer, who designed the uniforms; and Paulo Borges, from Luminosidade. Los Angeles 84 Olympic medalists Bernard Rajzman, who will be heading the Brazilian delegation at the Rio 2016 Games, and COB Executive Sport director Marcus Vinicius Freire were also present at the event.   Marcus D´Almeida (archery), Ana Sátila (canoe slalom), Pedro Gonçalves (canoe slalom) and Aline Silva (wrestling) represented the Olympic athletes at the event and modelled the uniforms. 
“The outfits are simply spectacular. Most important to the athletes is to feel comfortable while wearing the uniform either at the competitions or the parade.  This is a very special moment for Brazilian sport, and we have reached top level with this athlete’s parade uniform. We are absolutely sure that Time Brasil will make a great impression at the Opening Ceremony parade, on August 5, at Maracanã”, COB president Carlos Arthur Nuzman, said.
After the unveiling, event guests had the opportunity to visit a special photo exhibition with athletes Leonardo de Deus (swimming), Chiuffa (handball) and the pair Duda and Luísa (synchronized swimming) all of them wearing the uniform. The C&A chain is proud to dress the Brazilian athletes for the parades of the Opening and Closing ceremonies.  
“Precisely when we are about to reach the 40th anniversary since we were first established in Brail, to us, being given the opportunity to showcase our passion for the Country and for fashion at this sport runway is really very special. And nothing could be more emblematic that having our athletes wearing uniforms that fully translate Brazilian diversity using fashion as a form of expression,” C&A CEO Paulo Correa, commented.
Uniform design drew inspiration from nature and from all the diversity offered by Brazil. The uniforms C&A is now presenting show the green, blue and yellow colors of the National Flag and printed fabrics alluding to tropical birds and flowers.  Light fabrics flow with the wind and sand hues are also seen on the uniforms in a reference to our immense coastline.  The style is classic and timeless to restate the commitment and the grandeur of such a memorable event as the Olympic Games. “Being chose was a great thrill. This may be the most important moment of my career”, fashion designer Lenny Niemeyer, revealed. 
The selection process where Lenny Niemeyer was chosen to design the outfits resulted from an invitation by COB to Luminosidade director, Paulo Borges, who conceived design project with the signature of Brazilian fashion.  Once the concept was defined, five leading Brazilian fashion designers were invited to take part in the process. The uniforms had to be at the same time creative and elegant, bringing forward the look of their Brazilian origins in their colors and cut, without forgetting athletes’ comfort.   Ana Sátila and Marcus D´Almeida were also involved in the selection process and praise the gala uniforms of Time Brasil. 
“It was a unanimous decision of the athletes. The uniform is wonderful and fits you really well.  It has the look of our country. Brazil, no doubt, will be the best as early as at the parade. This will be an unforgettable moment”, said young canoe athlete 20-year old Ana Sátila, who will be entering the Olympic Games for the second time in her career.  
Archer Marcus Vinicius will not attend the opening ceremony as he will be competing next day, but he has already confirmed presence at Games closing.  “The uniform is light and comfortable and the Brazilian colors are elegantly displayed”, he said.  
Organized by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) the national delegation will reach a record number of athletes at the Olympic Games 2016. Today over 460 slots are already guaranteed but this number can still increase. 
Note: Uniform images available here.